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Leave it For Next Time

by Diego Nascimento

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… that’s right: the clock is ticking.  For years humanity has been held prisoner to devices that mark time for everything in life.  It could be sand, the sun, corded or battery operated, digital or analog. There’s no way: time just does not stop.

What is more intriguing is that I see people wasting this precious resource.  For lack of focus, determination and good will naturally great opportunities will disappear in a matter of seconds. Now answer me this:  Why are there professionals who insist on “leave it for next time?”  Claims of this type are responsible for e-mails piling up, papers all over the table, dissatisfied coworkers, loss of customers, delays in decisions, emotional instability and even unemployment. But those who think that the “leave it for next time” only hinders their careers are deceived. Even personal issues require a quick, wise and honest ATTITUDE. (I’m sure you just remembered something, didn’t you?)

I confess to those who are reading this text NOW that I have already left something for later.  I regretted it bitterly. If we had the chance to convert the wasted time into a yield of savings, I believe that all people, without exception, would have a positive balance in their account (ha, ha).  But I have good news:  We are human, and we can never micromanage every second of our daily activities, however disciplined we are.  Taking time off in some cases, within limits and with prudence, is good for your physical and mental health.

I’ll close this line of thought with the following tip:  Invest time in what is good. Face your life and work responsibly. Leaving things for next time may result in very serious and incurable consequences. I turn to the great book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

Until next time!

Where’s Plan B?

by Diego Nascimento

I am a great admirer of data collection. Computers have aided in the creation and development of products and services.  I’m totally on board with this!  But on the other hand, all this machinery can have serious consequences for a very important person:  you! Let me explain one of the reasons.

My friend stayed in a traditional hotel chain with several sites in Brazil. During his checkout he went to the reception desk to pay his bill, not expecting any issues.  Arriving there, he heard the following statement: “Sir, it will just be a few moments to close out the bill. Our system is down.” Visibly shocked, my friend requested a hand written receipt, which was denied by the attendant. “I’m sorry.  The hotel doesn’t allow me to do that.”  More than 30 minutes later the system was up and running, and with a mixture of surprise and indignation he managed to check out.

I’m like you:  perplexed when I heard this story.  I stay at this hotel chain, and luckily I did not have this situation occur.  Regardless, try to imagine the situation: you are about to take a taxi or flight, and you are “forced” to wait indefinitely for lack of a simple Plan B.

Whatever your area of ​​expertise, try to set up an alternative route if the traditional means have some kind of a mishap. The hotel example can be replicated in various scenarios.  It is clear that some cases are unsolvable and require our understanding. But I guarantee that most of the issues could be minimized with the use of a Plan B. This is synonymous with creativity and without a doubt, the company will be the main beneficiary, as in the end the customer will leave happy.

Five Ways to Keep People Away from You

by Diego Nascimento

From childhood we have the perception of people who we think are friendly or who fall in the category of “stay away from me.”  Either side influences teamwork greatly.  Conversation and understanding are very important when we want to build relationships inside and outside of the professional world. Thinking about this, I will give you a list of five ways to drive people away:

  1.   Be individualistic and authoritarian:  keep thinking you are all you need.
    2.   Be a friend of pride; after all, you would never need help on projects or challenges.
    3.   Do not greet anyone; politeness is for chumps.
    4.   Help only when it is convenient: sincerity is a thing of the past.
    5.   Put your trust in what you have, not in who you are.

This list is alarming but very common nowadays. Unfortunately, you may encounter people who fit into all of these mindsets. So sad. But the good news is that there are people who are far from it and are a source of inspiration.  It’s all a matter of choice.

I will close this brief reflection with the following question:  Do you attract or repel people?  Recruiters evaluate this aspect very carefully and may be decisive in the selection process in regards to promotions or even continued employment.  Think about it!

30 Years in Ten Tips

by Diego Nascimento

In the coming days I will turn 30. I have dedicated half that time to my professional training through education and hard work.  I do not regret it one bit.  On the contrary, I have a lot to be thankful for. I created a kind of imaginary time machine and did a quick retrospective of the last decade. I want to share with you some conclusions. They are:

1.          Every tree starts with a seed.  Professional life is like that too.
2.         Looking back can be beneficial, provided it is for reflection.
3.         Planning is still obligatory to realize your dreams.
4.         Arrogance and pride are harmful in the corporate world.
5.         Reading does good! Perfect your written and spoken communication.
6.         Never contribute to the process of the extinction of respect;
7.         Punctuality can save a life.
8.         Routine can hinder you; be innovative.
9.         Be stylish inside and out.
10.       Set deadlines. There is the right time for everything.

Many people ask me what’s coming next.  I prefer to leave anxiety to the side and always follow my goals. A few years ago I woke up one morning thinking how could I aid society through my experiences.  From this came the Professional Conduct project, and that’s why you’re reading this text now. A simple e-mail resulted in www.diegonascimento.com.br, accessed by readers in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania and replicated in various portals of the corporate universe.

It is in this spirit that I thank you for the chance to catch your attention, even in such a simple and quick form. I sincerely hope to live out these tips that I advocate in my articles.

Into the future!

Good Advice to Grow in Life

by Diego Nascimento

Have you had a chance to observe a bird locked in the cage? At first he tries to escape, but over time he gets used to it and becomes dependent on the handler. I know people like that. Even with talent and ideas they would rather stay inside an invisible bubble and are content with anything.  How about beating their wings?

It is important to dream. It may be that some projects never come true, but do not regret not having tried. The professional market is a stage for creating opportunities, as long as honesty is part of the script. Stories of overcoming occur all the time and may be closer than you think.

A recent survey as related by the international media shows that more than 58,000 Japanese have or have already surpassed 100 years of life. Many are still active in providing community service or in the formal workplace (some are businessmen). Imagine how many things they have seen and heard.

Growing in life also involves professional growth, but this attitude goes beyond the sum of numbers on the bank statement.  It involves the desire to move on and make each day a learning experience. Financial and material resources are merely an outgrowth.

Stop whining. Your restlessness will not help at all!  Get up now and do something positive for you and for the people around you. Your career will thank you. I will finish this thought with an interesting recommendation written about three thousand years ago: Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”  Isaiah 40:30-31, Holy Bible.

Education is Good, and I Approve

by Diego Nascimento

You must be thinking that I was insulted by someone, right? On the contrary; today’s topic suggests an analysis of the importance of education at different times in your life:  childhood, youth and adulthood.

When is it time to stop learning?  Never!  I have the habit of saying in lectures or during college classes that education is a constant.  Imagine bicycle wheels turning; it is virtually impossible to tell the beginning from the end. This is the way we need to view the quest for knowledge.

You may be reading this article through a cell phone, tablet or personal computer. These devices are means that can easily facilitate the access to knowledge. The theorists call this education by way of technology. Access to articles, books, and videos has become instantaneous and, in most cases, free.

I know of an educator who devoted half his life to teaching and transmitting moral and ethical values. He died at 90 years old without a fortune but achieved his greatest treasure:  an educational legacy known throughout Brazil and abroad.

Want to complete basic education? Take steps towards graduation? Go for that MBA, master’s or doctorate? Do it now! The clock is ticking … Invest in yourself!

Private or Public Sector?

by Diego Nascimento

I am often approached by people asking if, in professional careers, the private sector or the public sector is better. My answer is always the same: make a calculated analysis of the short-term, medium and long-term potential. For certain positions, the private sector has a huge advantage; for other careers, the public sector allows a more attractive framework of benefits. Each case is different.

The fact is that there needs to be a balance between the choices. Every project requires planning. In addition to qualifications, attitudes also speak volumes; but each doubt deserves a second look. Whether you’re a freshman or a veteran in the workforce, know that your questions can generate great ideas. Before investing time and resources in travel, registration, distribution of resumes, competitions and the like, I suggest you look for guidance regarding your new business venture.

As an employee in the private or public sectors, remember that both areas require timely, proactive, forward thinking entrepreneurship, cordiality, rules and focus. Values and positive attitudes precede financial results. I admire those who work with dedication and at the same time people who decide to revamp their careers when needed.

One of the famous laws of Newton says that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So look for wisdom and knowledge to make decisions that could affect your career. Talk to the right people and make knowledge an ally for your choices.

Not Even the Flood

by Diego Nascimento

Many people know that Brazil has been greatly affect because of the drought touching various cities in the southeast region, endangering availability of basic services such as washing the dishes or taking a bath. Some experts attribute the lack of water to the climate; others focus the blame on the lack of government investment, and a third group supports the sum of these two factors.

What would be the result if we decided to compare your professional career to a lake?  Would it be overflowing with qualities, enthusiasm andprofessionalism or would it be drying up, in its last drops of existence, experiencing an incomparable drought?

In the case of water, heavy rains would result in partially solving the problem (at least that’s what we would expect). From the perspective of the workplace, not even a flood of good intentions is able to rescue a person who makes his career just a daily obligation. It is sad to see people who care so little for the good things in their careers and see monotony and pessimism in everything.

Good professional conduct goes beyond education, good clothing and a salary. The motivation will never be found on supermarket shelves. This flame of desire to go beyond is within you. Yes, I agree that some situations facilitate the encounter with this feeling so sought after around the world; if the first step is not yours, forget it!

A famous quote attributed to the scientist Isaac Newton says, What we know is a drop; what we ignore is an ocean.”

Value your career!

Truth Above All

by Diego Nascimento

I have a habit of saying that professionalism should exist within and outside the company. I have known cases where people have made use of unreal situations, for example, they justify their absence from workdelays or non-compliance with tasks.

We must have this mindsetdo your best wherever you are. Now, if your job does not draw out this feeling of motivation within you, I suggest you rethinkyour actions or seek out other opportunities. It is awkward to watch employees, whatever the companytransfer their professional dissatisfaction into badservice, negligencebad attitudes or constantly unnecessarily overlooking things. A good manager knows how to handle these cases but there are limitsIt is best to be guided by the truth rather than a lie.

I believe that youreading this article right nowdo not fit this profile but certainly you know someone who doesHow about if you talk to that person? Do yourpart. Five minutes of conversation can change a lifetime.


Look at your professional life as an academic record:  its ups and downs are recorded in detail for ever and everDo not allow stains to be part of your journey.Respect your company, your colleagues and your clients.  Truth is above all!